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Just like playing sports, our science-based programs can provide exciting experiences, new friendships, and skills that you can utilize in multiple fields! At YARD sciences, our goal is to provide students who have a passion for science an exciting space to learn new skills, expand their curiosity, and engage in exciting opportunities in research! High school students will have access to professional-grade lab space to engage in exciting biomolecular experiments and cutting-edge surgical workshops.

Why Choose Us?

Our programs, which are for high school students, are the most efficient and effective way to learn advanced medical lab sciences. You will learn how to perform cutting-edge surgical techniques, understand the form and function of multiple organ systems, perform genetic splicing and cloning experiments. After completing these programs, you will be given the opportunity to continue your academic journey at YARD by completing a yearlong research endeavor culminating in a college-level science project that will be presented at multiple science fairs.


Focused Learning


Cutting-Edge Facility


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Experienced Mentors


The Lab!

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    Our facility is one of the only labs in the Tri-State area where high schoolers can engage in transformative experiences that provide invaluable lessons on not only science, but life in general.

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    You will become proficient in the use of our world-class lab equipment, such as incubators, shakers, PCR machines, organ development software/3-D printing technology, surgical-grade synthetic human anatomical models, etc.


Our Statistics!

Our team of Ivy League trained scholars has vast experience in training young minds to compete at the highest levels of science competitions.

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The best way to learn is by doing.

Our project-based approach will accelerate your understanding of how science is conducted at top universities.