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Launch Your Science Career!

Our Middle and High school students will have access to professional-grade lab space to engage in exciting biomolecular experiments and cutting-edge surgical workshops, while our 3-5th graders will get an introduction to science through various hands-on activities.

Real Science

You will learn how to perform cutting-edge surgical techniques, understand the form and function of multiple organ systems, and perform genetic splicing and cloning experiments.

Level 1 Beginner & Level 2 Intermediate

Level 3 Advanced

High School

Field Trips & Corporate Events


The Lab!

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    Our facility is one of the only labs in the Tri-State area where students in grades 3rd through 12th can engage in transformative experiences that provide invaluable lessons on both science and life in general.

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    Student will become proficient in the use of our world-class lab equipment, such as incubators, shakers, PCR machines, surgical-grade synthetic human anatomical models, etc.

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Our team of Ivy League trained scholars have a vast experience in training young minds to compete at the highest levels of science-based competitions.

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The Best Way to Learn is by Doing

Our project-based approach will accelerate your understanding of how science is conducted at top universities.