This course is for students interested in anatomy, physiology, surgical specialties, and biomedical engineering. During these students will progress through the Surgery Basics, Pulmonology, Anesthesiology, Interventional Spine & Spine Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Vascular Surgery.

Biology for Middle Schoolers

In this 2-day biology course, students will learn lab safety and proper use of equipment, how to use an autoclave to sterilize bacterial culture media, how to make petri dishes with agar for bacterial culture, and how to inoculate GFP plasmid for overnight growth. They will be performing a GFP Plasmid mini prep, running bacterial cells through a centrifuge, and will be isolating and purifying plasmid DNA. They will make and run agarose gel electrophoresis for confirmation of DNA isolation and view their results on a trans-illuminator.

Chemistry for Middle Schoolers

In this 3-day introduction to chemistry course, students will cover laboratory safety and participate in experiments and hands-on activities that investigate topics such as atomic theory and the trends present on the periodic table. Buffer systems and human biochemistry will also be discussed. Students will learn to measure pH, calibrate a pH meter, and more!

Introduction to Science Fairs

Is your middle schooler ready to take on the world of science fairs? Our Middle School Science Fair Prep program is here to guide your young scientist every step of the way! From understanding the scientific method and upholding scientific integrity to crafting captivating presentations and presenting confidently to a panel of judges, we provide the tools and roadmap to set our students up for success! Join us to unleash your child’s potential and ignite their passion for scientific discovery. This four-week course will create a solid foundation for those students who wish to participate in their local science fairs.

ClassesGradesCostDaysDatesTimeClick to Register
Intro to Science fairsGrade 5 $ 300.00 Monday-Thursday8/26-8/296-8pmClick to Register
Biology for Middle SchoolersGrades 6-8$ 499.00Monday-Tuesday8/5-8/611-2pmClick to Register
Biology for Middle SchoolersGrades 6-8 $ 499.00 Wednesday-Thursday8/7-8/811-2pmClick to Register
Chemistry for Middle Schoolersgrades 6-8 $ 599.00 Monday-Wednesday8/12-8/1811-2pmClick to Register
Premed 3-dayGrades 7-12$ 1,299.00Thursday-Saturday7/18-7/209-1230pm Thurs/Fri 1-5p SatClick to Register
Premed 8-dayGrades 7-12$ 2,499.00Thursday-Saturday7/18-7/20 and 7/25-7/279-1230pm Thurs/Fri 1-5pm SatClick to Register

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