High School Chemistry

High School Chemistry

What you'll learn

This 4-day chemistry course students will gain proficiency in topics such as atoms, the periodic table, ions, acids, bases,
buffer systems, and organic molecules. By utilizing hands on lab techniques students will also be well versed in laboratory
safety and experimental techniques. A strong emphasis is placed on real world application of these laboratory procedures
and the potential careers that can result through learning chemistry.

Course Includes

  • Day 1

    Learn about the building blocks of matter, the ATOM!  We will explore the atomic structure of each element and how they are arranged on the periodic table.  Students will begin to investigate chemical reactions by performing precipitation reactions on their first day.

  • Day 2

    Students will now use their knowledge from day one to identify an unknown ionic solution.  Determination of soluble and insoluble salts through precipitation reactions, will allow students to identify which cation and anion is present in their unknown solution. 

  • Day 3

    Investigating which types of solutions are acidic and basic will help students to think about their body’s biochemistry.  Certain foods and drinks can be considered acidic or basic and would be harmful if there were not buffer systems present in the human body.  Students will create a buffer and demonstrate pH changes that result when an acid or base is added to the system. 

  • Day 4

    On the final day students will perform a separation of two organic liquids using a simple distillation technique.  They will be introduced to organic molecules and their use as fuels for machines (hydrocarbons) or fuel for the human body (carbohydrates).  Purification of organic molecules important for natural occurring or synthetic organic molecules. 

Classes Offered

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Option 1

Monday thru Thursday

January 3-6, 2022


Option 2

Monday thru Thursday

January 17-20, 2022


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