Begin Your Journey In Science!

Safety First

We'll educate you on everything you need to know about lab safety.

Happy Feet

No open sandals are allowed in the lab. You'll have to wear close-toed shoes. 


Lab Materials

As part of your Yard Science experience, you'll be given science grade lab coats, scrubs, safety goggles, and lab notebooks.

Bring an Open Mind

We'll be doing some pretty cool stuff. Getting the answers sometimes is different than you think.

Program Details Page

Our Lab Experiment and Pre-Med programs provide a fast track to learning about the human body, molecular cloning, genetical engineering, and more. Each class brings students on a journey through the cell and the human body and helps kids learn vital information on the workings of a lab and a hospital.

The activities are based on research performed by real scientists at top universities across the country and include detailed instructions and educational materials developed by professors from top-level institutions.

After successful completion of each program, students will receive a certificate of commendation issued by Yard Sciences.

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Lab Safety

We'll educate you on everything you need to know about lab safety.

Lab Safety

Lab Safety

High School

Discover more about the sciences from experts in the field. 

Molecular Biology Course

Molecular Biology

Pre Med

Basic Pre-Med & Surgical Course


High School Chemistry

Middle School

Who says it's too early to dive into meaningful science. We'll take you in to the real sciences in a fun and rewarding way. 

Middle School Biology

Middle School Biology

Middle School Chemistry

Middle School Chemistry


YARD's Research Project

Have you decided that you want to invest long-term in science? If that's the case, you can join Yard Sciences in creating your own research project! Each student who signs up for the research project will receive individualized mentoring on a project that encapsulates their scientific area of interest. By the beginning of the year, they will be able to display their great work at science fairs across the state and have chances to win prizes and honors.


Learn About YARD
Through People Just Like You

Reviews of Yard Sciences

Hello, I'm Dr. Manish Malik. I'm a practicing cardiologist in Philadelphia. My son Mehul, has recently worked with Dr. Ramu from Yard Sciences.  Even though his initial goals for joining the program were simply to work on his high school science research project, he has learned so much more from Dr. Ramu in the few months that he's worked with him. Under Dr. Ramu's guidance and mentorship I've seen my son grow as a keen observer asking the right questions, doing background research tirelessly and understanding the basic science concepts. I have personally observed Dr. Ramu being so patient with all the kids in the program and tailors his explanation to the kids level of understanding, always moving them forward, towards their own journey of learning science.

My son now has a deep appreciation of all the efforts and time and patience that go into learning all the skills and being organized and will definitely help him in all aspects of student life, not just science. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ramu as a mentor for anybody else's kids in a heartbeat.

I wish Dr. Ramu and his team the best to help other kids get their goals and dreams.